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The Focus of Our Foundation

To facilitate the anonymous rating of sitting state and federal judges by practicing attorneys and litigants; to publicly provide an annual report of those ratings by a third party administrator; to make available a vehicle for public judicial accountability; and to deliver a mechanism for judicial education and training through grants and seminars.


Our Appeal

We believe that judicial excellence can only be achieved through accountability. To that end, the American Foundation for Judicial Accountability (AFJA) has launched a sophisticated website for attorneys and citizen litigates to anonymously rate judicial performance.We understand that the effective functioning of our website is dependent upon absolute anonymity. Our website provides a secure and anonymous vehicle for both attorneys and litigants to rate judges with whom they have had experience on an annual basis. For qualifying results, it is also essential that all obtained ratings be free from abuse and manipulation. Our website was designed to identify any attempts to abuse or manipulate the system and to deal with those attempts immediately. Along with ratings, participants are encouraged to make intelligent, critical, and constructive comments. Any comments that do not meet this criteria will not be used.


How Our Rating Website Works

The cornerstone of our work is the Foundation's anonymous rating website. It can be found at www.judicialrating.com. The website is secure and the individual ratings will be kept absolutely anonymous. Participants are allowed to rate judges for whom they have experience. The AFJA website is not designed to be used as a popularity contest. Instead, carefully crafted questions are posed to elicit information about a judge's ethics and performance. Attorneys and citizen litigants can only rate judge (or judges) once per year. Attorneys will rate judges during a window of time each year. Citizen litigatnts may rate any time during a year in which they participated in a case before a judge or judges. After the end of a rating year, an independent Third-Party Administrator will confidentially compile the ratings and issue a report on each judge. Those reports will be posted by the Administrator on the Foundation's website and will be given to local associations and media outlets to do with as they deem fit and proper. The ratings will also be given to the judges. The American Foundation for Judicial Accountability is an Arkansas non-profit organization that operates solely and exclusively through donations. Our Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status letter and our Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are available for your inspection on our website. If you would like to help the Foundation continue its work by making a charitable contribution please send a check or you can make an anonymous credit card donation via this website.