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The American Foundation for Judicial Accountability is a non-profit organization subject to state and federal laws.

Mission Statement

To provide, facilitate and/or encourage (1) the anonymous rating of sitting state and federal judges by practicing attorneys and litigants on a professional and ethical level;(2) to provide an annual report of those ratings by a third party administrator for dissemination to the public; (3) to provide a vehicle for public judicial accountability; and (4) to provide a mechanism for judicial education and training through grants and seminars.

Guiding Principles

The Foundation believes that judicial excellence can only be achieved through accountability. The Foundation also believes that absolute anonymity is essential to the effective functioning of this website. To that end, this website provides a secure and anonymous vehicle for both attorneys and litigants to rate judges with whom they have had experience on an annual basis. The term "Litigant" describes any person, corporation, or organization that is or was a Plaintiff (including the prosecution), Defendant, Intervenor, Third-Party Plaintiff or Defendant, Petitioner, Respondent, Guardian Ad Litem, or any other party officially involved in a civil or criminal case.

The Foundation has taken all measures possible to ensure that the ratings are meaningful and helpful to an understanding of the performance of the judge who is being rated.

It is also essential to the effectiveness of the Foundation's work that ratings be free from abuse and manipulation. Any attempts to abuse or manipulate this system will be quickly identified and dealt with accordingly. Along with your rating, you are encouraged to make intelligent, critical, and constructive comments. Those comments that do not meet this criteria will not be used.

Finally, the Foundation Board welcomes all suggestions for improvement and comments on the website's helpfulness in improving our judicial system.